1 Small Change Can Generate Big Differences

Yet It may be One Of the Hardest Changes to make!

You have heard us continually say that our words have power, yet many still dismiss this notion. Some justify what they say by mentioning that God knows their heart, and if they don’t really mean it, then it won’t come to pass.

Interesting thought, but completely wrong, and here’s why. We have an enemy who love to take what we say and turn it into our reality- joking our not. You see, Satan doesn’t know what our future holds, but he does know what is said, and what our past is. He only knows what he sees and hears, but he does not operate in the prophetic. He loves to change our future by using our words against us.

The way he can manipulate your future is by using our own words against us to generate scenarios that we may not want. Conversely, positive thinking/confessions have generated a multi-million dollars in revenue. Ever wonder why that is, and why change is dramatic? Because it’s based on biblical principles.

Surprised attractive young woman shocked about something, keeping mouth opened and holds hands near her face.

You don’t just reap what you sow, but you also reap what you meditate on


It’s not just what comes out of our mouths that defiles us, but what begins with a seed in our heart. This is why we are told to guard our hearts. People try to refute that violence causes violence, but there is some truth to it. You cannot watch something and not experience the effects.

Try this: stop watching violent shows for 30 days. It’s easy, it’s rerun season for most of us. Just give it up for 30 days.

Now, after 30 days, watch the show again. Notice a difference?

My friend challenged me to this long ago, and the results were dramatic. I gave up every crime show I ever watched for 30 days, and when I returned to it, I couldn’t watch it. It was so gory and violent that I had to stop. What I didn’t realize was how desensitized I was to it. Not a good thing, but it did change what I watched.

Parents, you would never let your children hang around a bad influence. Why? Because you don’t want your child to emulate that behaviour. So why, then, would you chose to watch shows with swearing, sex or violence thinking that it won’t promote the same type of behaviour?

Also, ever noticed that if you don’t swear, others won’t either? We are programmed to adjust our behaviour to what it acceptable to others whether it is every a spoken thing, or not. Furthermore, if you watch shows that have swearing, even if it doesn’t come out of your mouth, it’s still in your heart. How many of us swear in our thoughts?

Busted! *lol*

This just proves my point: that what we watch does have an influence over us.

James George discusses not only why what we watch shapes who we are, but proves the point that our words indeed have power, scripturally. For those who don’t think anything will happen, James will bring to light the truth of this matter.

This feature and many more on the power of words and success can be found in our next issue coming out on July 26, 2019. Don’t miss it!

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