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“Mully” Depicts An Inspirational True Life Rags To Riches Story

“Mully” is a movie that is set to release October 3-5, 2017 in a special three day event.  “Mully” depicts the life of Charles M. Mully, and has been deemed a true “rags to riches” tale.

Charles Mully overcame the odds.  Despite being abandoned at the age of sin in Kenya, he arose from poverty to become one of the most respected humanitarians, multi-millionaire business owner, and educator in Africa.

Charles Mully is the founder of the Mully Children’s Family (MCF) in 1989, which is a charitable organization with the goal of saving children’s lives.  MCF makes an impact by rescuing children, initiating holistic rehabilitation and reintegration into society.  It has transformed the lives of 12,000 children from homelessness and found them homes with respected families and business owners.  Charles M. Mully is known as “Daddy Mully”, and remains connected to his cause.

Mully’s work has garnered him Honorary Doctorates from Kenya’s Kabarak University, and United Graduate College and Seminary.  Additionally, he received a certificate from the United Nations Environment Programme recognizing his efforts in making a difference in the environment.  World Vision International (Canada) gave him an “Angel of Hope” award for his humanitarian services.

Faith Filled Family was blessed to interview this astonishing man, Dr. Charles M. Mully, wherein he recounts his story, and his rise to fame.  His story will inspire you, and make you believe that anything is possible.  The movie, itself, will amaze you as it highlights his incredible rise to success despite not being surrounded by the best circumstances.  It proves that anything is possible with God, and that God can use anyone for His purposes to fulfill His call on their life.

Dr. Charles M. Mully’s amazing testimony will be featured in our September issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine, and will be available on our website on August 28, 2017!

Read more of the movie at www.mullymovie.com



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