3 Ways Satan Daringly Deceives You About Your Future

Have You Been Inadvertently Deceived By Falling Prey To These Methods?

Scripture (Matthew 7:15-20, 2 Peter 1:12-21) warns us that there will be false prophets. But could these people be right under our noses and we just aren’t recognizing deceit for what it is?

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We are all looking for answers… reassurances… about our future. We want to know what good things that God has in store for us because in essence, it makes us feel special. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, Christians must not fall prey to those who pretend to operate in the prophetic, with discernment, or with a word of knowledge. These false teachers are everywhere, and while many claim that they are engaging in these activities just for entertainment, you can be opening up a door for Satan.

So How Are We Deceived?

  1. Consulting a medium, engaging in a seance, tea leaf reading, tarot card reading, palm reading, crystal ball reading, consulting horoscopes, etc. This is a distortion of God’s design for the prophetic gifts. For a word to go forward, it must solely come from God- nothing else. To consult the dead (familiar spirit), cards, tea leaves, etc is not putting our faith in God. The unfortunate part is that many people believe these readings. They are directly from Satan whose purpose is to get you away from your destiny. Satan can give details of your life, and repeat words you’ve said, but he cannot see your future.
  2. People claim to have a word from God but are speaking to manipulate, deceive or in their own strength. God’s word is God’s word. It doesn’t come with a price tag.
  3. False prophets. Scripture warns us that false prophets will come around and distort the truth of God’s Word to suit that of the world. What they preach may sound comforting, but if it does not align with scripture, then it’s false. Scripture should never be manipulated to our own purposes, but our lives should mirror that of the Bible if we are to be considered true followers of Christ.

Jen Ervig will go into greater detail about how believers can be deceived by false teaching and the effect that it has on your soul. Too many Christians are falling prey to manipulative tactics mostly out of ignorance. However, ignorance or not, Satan does have a way of using these false truths for our destruction.

Jen will also discuss the subtle ways that Satan can get you off of your God ordained path by also using what appears to be believers to influence your future. She will teach you how to discern these false prophets using biblical principles.

If we truly believe that Satan seeks to kill, steal and destroy, then we should never believe anything that comes out of his mouth- no matter how good or plausible it may seem. If you want to know about your future, ask God. But please do not open the door to the occult. It only leads to destruction.

Past, present, and future all revealed in our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine wherein we discuss the prophetic gifts. Our next issue appears on our website, via email subscription, and social media on May 27, 2019.

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