Defeat Remedy: Calling Out To God In Times Of Despair

There is a misnomer (for some) that when you become a Christian, life becomes easier.  However, God never said that our life as a Christian would be easy- in fact He said that we would suffer trials, temptation, and persecution for His name’s sake.  He said that we would face challenges, and no one said that getting through them would be a breeze.  But He did say that we would not live in defeat.  So what makes life as a Christian different than the secular world?  It’s all God, His grace, and the peace that He bestows on us.  It’s operating in the authority that we have been given in the name of Jesus, and using it faith that differentiates Christian life with secular.  In the secular, you have nothing to rely on for hope outside of friends/family or yourself.  Their “power” to make things better is limited.  Feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrate, angry, helplessness and defeat are more predominant where hope cannot be found.  However, with God, the supernatural can manifest, and the things that seem impossible in the natural suddenly occur.

Take that secular world! *lol*

defeatIt’s tough, when faced with challenges that stretch you, not to feel angry, broken, or worse yet, utterly in defeat.  Sometimes things happen that is beyond our rational reasoning.  We don’t know why some things happen like the death of a child, house fire, accidents, financial destruction, etc.  These things can shake our faith- and in fact, they were designed to do exactly that.  If you believe John 10:10, which says that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, why would you not think that Satan wouldn’t try to shake your faith?  Worse yet are the thoughts that accompany it such as “Did scripture really say that?”, “Maybe healing isn’t for you.”, “You have lead to bad of a lifestyle for God to ever forgive you!”, or “You’re not worthy.”  They are all designed to plant that seed of doubt, to keep you angry, to oppress you, and to break you.

The good news is that with God, you will never break.  You will never have to bear more than you can endure, and God has already made a way of escape.  If you tune into Him, and wait on His voice, He will lead you into your victory.

Chris Benton discusses how to draw closer to God when we feel broken, angry, and discouraged.  It’s okay to be angry, and to tell God that you are angry.  However, it’s not okay to blame Him for circumstances that may be our own doing, or that of Satan.  Chris will teach you how to get past the “God blame game” when we don’t understand, and help you to draw close to Him when you need it most.  He will describe how to let God’s healing power wash over the brokenness, and how He can restore what the enemy has taken.

If we lean into Him, He will be our refuge, our peace, and our strength.  You weren’t meant to go through things alone- He is always walking right beside you and is there whenever you need Him.  We will not be shaken, nor will we suffer defeat as God is on our side, fighting our battles.

This article and more on prayer and how to draw closer to God can be found in our July issue coming out on June 26th, 2018!

For those that are broken, searching, and need hope: If you haven’t given you life to Christ yet, and know in your heart that you need Him for healing/wholeness, please visit the following link.  He is waiting.

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