Dream Speak: Is It God, Satan, Or Just Me?

Every single person dreams (enters into REM sleep providing there are no sleep disorders).  Many of us may not remember what we have dreamed, however, we do dream.  The beautiful part of dreaming is that often, God speaks to us through these dreams because we are receptive, and He can get our attention.

Think of Joseph, and how exciting his dreams were to Him!  God had given Him a glimpse into his future, and had unfolded to him the man in which he was to become.  Who could contain that type of news?  Additionally, he was able, through God, to interpret dreams.  Joseph’s only mistake was that he was so excited about his future, that he shared it to his brothers… who didn’t appreciate it too much being told that they would bow down to him.  Additionally, the dream was given as an encouragement to sustain him through rough times- through being sold into slavery, through the trials at Potiphar’s house, through jail, and through the drought.

We all want to know what promise our future holds.  However, sometimes through the revelation of that promise, we will go through hard times.  Even a prophetic word can hold the same result.   However, not all dreams of the future come with challenging times.  Some are for the purpose of giving you hope, or guiding you towards God’s plan for your life.  Either way, God is speaking to you- and that is exciting in itself!

Jerry Sar-kwah will discuss how to discern whether what you are dreaming is of God, or of Satan.  Satan can also enter into our dream-like state.  Although he doesn’t give us a promise of our future (as only God knows the plan and purpose for our lives), he can play off of our fears.

Christella Lee will discuss how to tell if a disturbing dream is a warning (from God), demonic, or simply a rehashing of our own fears.  She will go into how Satan influences our dreams and the tactics that he uses in greater detail so that no believer is deceived by the wiles of the enemy.  She will tell you what to do in the case of a demonic dream, and what to do in case it is God speaking.

Our next issue is a very informative one, uncovering many topics that Christians wonder about, but are rarely discussed.  Additionally, many of these topics help families as a whole- despite being more “personal” in nature, as often one person may experience something, and be able to help another family member through a similar situation.

Through all of these topics, we do hope that your dreams are peaceful, and filled with all of the good things of God!  Our next issue is released on November 26, 2017!

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