Ever Ask The Question, “How Do I…” With Exasperation At Your Kids?

If the answer is yes, which we all have at some point, then our August issue will provide  you with the knowledge necessary to breathe a sigh of relief at answered prayer! *lol*  All of the answers to questions that begin with, “How do I…” can be found in the Bible.

Yes, God is that good!

We tend not to think about God much when it comes to the mundane- things like getting your children to do their chores, continually reminding them to do their homework (when school is in session), and to stop bickering with their siblings.  We tend to either consult books by famous authors, consult other moms, reward systems, or getting creative with discipline.  We feel that “experts” will have the answer to our questions.  Yet we fail to recognize that the Bible holds all of our answers to whatever situation we are facing- including the day to day of managing children and a household.  Parenting doesn’t have to be a struggle, nor do we have to get frustrated.  However, when it comes to our children, we may have to get firm and be consistent with our discipline.

“This sounds like a long process…”

questionsAnd it may be- but it is so worth it when it works.  Plus, it doesn’t take as long as you may think.  As the parent of four children,  I know the importance of working together cohesively as a team.  We have a busy schedule, and we need to stick to schedule!  When one person doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities, it really does effect all of us.  We have had seasons where we have backed off of the reminders, and let them feel the weight of the consequences.  An example of this would be dishes.  Each of our children takes a turn washing and drying the dishes.  Our oldest child cooks both breakfast and lunch for the family (he loves cooking!).

One day, our oldest was looking to begin to make breakfast.  He went to the cupboard for the pan for the eggs… and found nothing.  He looked for a spatula… and couldn’t find it.  A pot, at least?  Nothing.  Where did all of it go?

His gaze went to the sink, which was overflowing with dishes that no one had bothered to clean the previous day.  In it, were all of the dishes he needed to make a meal.  His brothers had forgotten to do their chores.  There were no clean dishes to be found.

Frustrated, he went to confront his brothers about not doing their chores.  He didn’t have to go far as they heard the banging of cupboard doors, and assumed that he was making breakfast.

“You didn’t do your chores, yesterday!” he said angrily.  “I don’t have any clean dishes.”

“But we’re hungry,” said his youngest brother.  “Can’t you just find something to make.”

“No,” he replied.  “There are no clean dishes.  What am I supposed to cook food with?”

Seconds later, I heard a loud chorus of  “mom!” said in unison followed by four children talking very animatedly all at once.

I could have become frustrated at the mess.  However, I also recognized that sometimes experience is the best teacher, and can get a point across better than discipline every could.  Needless to say, the dishes got done- and quicker than usual since they were so hungry.  They also got done properly because I supervised to make sure they were cleaned properly.  If they weren’t, back they went!

Dishes get done in our house now because in the event that they forget, they quickly get reminded of this point in time.  Fortunately, they don’t forget that often any more. *lol*

Even though it may seem like a long process, and you may want to throw your hands up in the air, then end result of consistency is worth the endless reminders.  Eventually, the habit becomes so ingrained, that they do it without even having to think about it.  It’s just expected.

If you want relief from the “How do I” syndrome, our August issue tackles that very question with a biblical response.  Additionally, sometimes we just need to ask the Holy Spirit for His advice.  After all, God created these little blessings, and often He knows the best advice.

Answering the how do I question and more can be found in our next issue coming out on July 26, 2018.  Now close your eyes, and imagine children working quietly.  The house is peaceful…  This can be yours.

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