Feeling “Demonized” By Your Past?

There is no real “pun” in this statement.  Believers can, and are, often demonized by past events by Satan in a form of harassment.  

How Does Satan Harass You?

This form of bombardment is called demonic harassment- and it’s exactly that- harassment from the enemy.  It’s part of Satans 1-2-3 punch.  The first, is possession wherein he tries to take over a person’s life completely.  This is when a demon actually resides inside of a non-believer, and they are controlled by this demon.  


Second is demonic oppression.  Demonic oppression is preventing a believer from walking fully in the victory that God has designed over their life in a certain area.  It is like having a “glass ceiling” over your life that you feel you can’t bust out of.

The third, which isn’t often widely known, is demonic harassment which is when Satan harasses you.  It is words whispered repeatedly into your ear, thoughts bombarding your mind, or anxiety generated over a situation (usually caused by Satan whispering in your ear).  The design for vexation is that the believer is not experiencing peace.

So How Can Harassment Lead To Being Demonized By The Past?

Scars from traumatic/bad past experiences can run deep.  The length of the healing process depends on the believer.  How healing from the past should work (depending on the situation) is that either 1. the person releases the offending party and forgives them thereby freeing themselves.  This allows them to move on with their life.  2. You let go of mistakes that you have made in the past thereby freeing yourself, learning, and moving on.  

This is the ideal.

What harassment does is that every time the individual tries to move on or heal, they are either brought back to the traumatic event (reliving it) or are reminded by Satan about past mistakes.  Condemnation begins to take place, and a person becomes in bondage to their past.  They are unable to break free, nor move on.  They are caught in a continual loop.  Sadly, too many enter into a state of helplessness forever tormented by a past that they can’t move on from.

Chris Benton discusses how to break free from the bondages of the past and move on.  He will discuss how to invite God in to heal your wounds, and how to move on to forgiveness.  Forgiveness is truly the key in moving on in these cases because it is the releasing of the pain.  That is what generates freedom.

Chris will additionally provide words of encouragement and scriptures on strength and perseverance, as well as touch on how demons torment people emotionally.

This feature and more in our next issue on Deliverance from the Demonic: What We Were Never Told in our January issue coming out on December 27, 2018.

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