Does The Future Have To Be A Dark Mystery?

Sometimes, It Doesn’t Have To Be As Shrouded In Mystery As You Think…

God doesn’t always reveal everything to us- otherwise where would our dependence be on Him? Eventually, we would take credit for knowing what the future may hold, and glory would be on ourselves instead of God. That being said, however, God does give us discernment over situations/people and can give us a glimpse into our own future.

The Purpose of the Prophetic

Scripture tells us that we know in part, and prophesy in part. This means that while God may give us a clear vision of where we will be in our lives and it’s exciting, wisdom says that we still need to rely on Him before we run.

We must acknowledge that everything happens in God’s timing, and that He is the author of everything in our lives. Even though God may have given you a revelation into your future, you need to be able to discern whether this is a “now” situation, or whether He wants you to wait.

There are people that I have known that have leaped into ministry because of a vision they claim that God gave them. Excitedly, they began their own church and expected God to bring the people.

Day after day, month after month time went by, and all they had were three people sitting in the congregation. A year later, it was just their family.

Did they hear wrong? Not necessarily. God may very clearly have told them that they would pastor a church. It may have been in His plan. However, their timing- because they didn’t wait for Him- may have been off.

Why Would God Delay A Vision of the Future?

Most times, we aren’t ready to step into the future of what God has in store for us. We see this in people who become overnight sensations or millionaires. Without the proper character and habits, many people fail because they aren’t able to sustain the position.

We all, admittedly, have character flaws, but some can be more destructive than others. Also, sometimes we need to be mentored before we take that final step into our calling. That being said, if there is a serious character flaw- one that would effect many people negatively such as mismanagement of finances, pride, arrogance, etc- then God will hold back the future promise until such time as the person is ready.

It doesn’t mean that they promise isn’t real… it absolutely is, but sometimes it’s not for now.

Other visions or prophetic words are given in advance to sustain the individual through a difficult period in their life. It’s given as a promise to hold on to. Joseph had a dream early on in his life that his brothers would bow down to him. The fulfillment of this prophecy took a long time to manifest, and Joseph encountered many challenges along the way.

As did Moses, David, Abraham…. and the list goes on.

This Is Where Discernment Comes Into Play.

We need to know how to discern what God is saying which means coming to Him when He reveals something to us. We need to pause in our excitement and ask Him whether this is for now or later. What did the dream mean? Where do we go from here?

But Discernment Isn’t Just For Visions

Discernment is actually meant for everyday life. You hear people claiming that they know how to “read people”. This type of reading people is acquired through discernment.

Discernment is being acutely aware of not only what a person is saying, but knowing supernaturally what is behind it. In discernment, motivations are often revealed. Are the motives pure? Is this person being honest? Is there any deceit? The person who operates in discernment will be able to tell not only the heart behind it, but also if there is a demon at play.

And Then There Is The “Cousin” Of The Three: Word Of Knowledge

Word of knowledge is when God provides you with information on that person that only He would know. There is no way you could possibly know what is going on unless God revealed it to you supernaturally.

Word of knowledge is beautiful when a person needs to be released from bondages… or be held accountable for something. God can reveal a word of knowledge either through a person, or, if a person really isn’t listening, publicly.

It should be said that we can receive a word of knowledge over a situation or person, but it is God who directs our steps. Too often people have had a word over someone else and have released it prematurely. If a person isn’t ready to receive it, the person giving it can find themselves deep into hot water!

Our next issue will focus on how to fine tune the “future” giftings that God bestows upon us. We will teach you how to flow in discernment and word of knowledge. Also, you will learn when to release it, and when to pray.

We will also examine the difference between the office of the Profit and operating in the prophetic.

Our next issue will be released on May 27, 2019!

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