Gender: Is It Natural For Children To Explore It?

“But ‘God made them male and female’ from the beginning of creation.”

Mark 10:6

In an attempt to decrease bullying, and to increase awareness, schools have begun to teach children at a young age that it is okay to be confused about your gender. Legislation is being passed that allows a parent the right not to place sex on the birth certificate, and many parents are choosing to raise their children “gender neutral”- referring to he/she is neutral terms such as they, having neutral coloured clothes and toys that both genders play with.

While long ago, sex was determined by the physical anatomy of the child, this is no longer the case. The goal of all of this is for the child to determine which gender they are- whether they are a boy or girl- according to which sex they identify with.

In this world, it’s okay to be confused about your gender identity. It’s perfectly acceptable. But is it?

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Is Gender Self-Exploration Truly Okay Or Does It Raise More Problems?

We don’t really know… yet, definitively. We do know that more children are exploring whether they are a boy or girl, and more are identifying with the opposite physical sex. It poses many questions and challenges in society ranging from bathroom accommodations to using neutral words.

What we do know is that even if parents decide to let their children determine their sex, many children end up identifying with their physical gender. For those who identify with the opposite sex, many have sought hormone injections or gender reassignment.

In many of these cases, a vast majority are not happy with gender reassignment or hormone therapy. Many seek to go back to their original sex. Not only that, but the rate for depression and suicide go up for these individuals.

Is it an answer to a problem? It doesn’t appear to be so.

But why? The argument is that God made them this way- to identify with the opposite sex. So if God indeed made them this way, wouldn’t hormone therapy/gender reassignment make the individual happier and more peaceful?

Is The Argument Flawed?

According to the scripture listed above, God is very definitive about how He made man and woman. There is no blurring of the lines. Furthermore, we were made in His image- perfect, not flawed or confused. And if you know your scripture, confusion is of the enemy. God is very concise.

How Do I Deal With This Message If I Don’t Agree With What Is Being Taught?

It’s a concern of every parent as to how to handle this topic. On the one hand, you want to be truthful in presenting what God says about this matter. On the other hand, we want to teach our children to love on others even if we don’t agree with their stance. Bullying should never be tolerated under any circumstance, nor should the spread of hatred.

Jen Ervig explores how to have a discussion about gender and transgenderism with your child. She explores what the Bible says on this matter and His design for man/woman.

Jen will teach you how to refute the argument of transgenderism (God made me this way) and examines as to whether this lines up with scripture. She also talks about how to bring forward the truth to your kids in a loving manner and how to prevent bullying of others who identify with this.

The goal is not to perpetuate hate or intolerance of others. However, our children deserve to hear the truth of God’s Word and be allowed to pray for others.

This feature and many more can be found in our April issue on Raising Youth.

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