Severity Of Sin: God’s Forgiveness Truly Is a One Size Fits All

That voice of condemnation again… but sometimes it’s our perception.  We tend to categorize sin into “large”, “medium”, and “small” from our perceptions.  Murder is a big sin!  Yet, not being truthful is a “little white lie”.  Depending on our perception, our viewpoints may prevent us from forgiving another as we sit in pious judgement.  We justify our actions as “they just haven’t suffered enough”, or “they will never change”.  However, when we do this, we cloud our judgement, and we will never see the changes that God is doing in them.

You see, when we speak these kinds of judgements over people, we are saying that God cannot create a miracle in someone’s life.  We are saying that God does not have the power to transform lives.  This simply isn’t true.  It’s not to say that we don’t use wisdom when dealing with people.  However, we need not judge others- God will do that.

The truth is that we serve a God who doesn’t see “levels of sin” like we do.  Sin is just sin.

Helen Murray will walk you through the myth that some sins are more severe than others, and help readers who are being held in bondage to be freed.  This article dispels the myth that God won’t forgive you for your past, and will help you move on towards a loving Father.

Put your past where it belongs- behind you.  Move into a destiny of freedom.

This article and more appear in our November 2017 issue that will appear on our website on October 26, 2017!

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