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God’s Calling…What’s Preventing You From Salvation?

Hello, god? I have some reservations about salvation…

Can you answer them? Are you prepared to answer them? As Christians, sharing the gospel is not compulsory (if you feel like it), it’s mandatory. It is ultimately selfish of us to keep Christ to ourselves when there are millions of hurting people out there that need hope and don’t know where to find it.


Is Happiness Found In What I do?

For some, there is an empty hole aching to be fulfilled. Some fill it with “good times” such as drinking, partying, drugs, gambling, etc. Some pursue philanthropic endeavours in an effort to bring fulfillment into their existence. They are happy for a while, but still feel like they are missing something…

Why Do I ache and Find no peace? Something is missing.

For others, they simply ache. They are going through a difficult time, and aren’t at peace. They are stressed out, can’t rest, and are often depressed or anxious. Their lives are empty- void of hope- and most would give anything to have a reason to celebrate.

Their lives are in constant turmoil. Their faith it often rooted in fate, karma, or in the natural. They live by the phrase, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.” but where do you turn for strength when you can’t do anything more? We can only stretch so far!

Are You Asking God to help you witness to the Lost, the empty, or brokenhearted?

Often, we don’t ask God for opportunities to witness to people. We have our own set of excuses as to why we don’t discuss Christ with others. But if we are honest, the real reason is:

  • Too Afraid. We worry about what others will say, think, or do when it’s really about what God will do through us. If He brings you an opportunity, His presence in that situation is guaranteed. He won’t let you fall.
  • Social Pressure. We feel that we can’t share about our faith in certain social settings, or are concerned about the repercussions. While sharing Jesus in the workplace may be frowned on, there are other settings that may be more condusive to the conversation. For instance, someone at work may be looking like they are depressed. You can start a conversation about what is going on in their life- be a friend- and invite them out to coffee. The conversation can flow from there without being in the workplace.
  • No Desire. Many of us are concerned about “me and mine” without regard to others. This requires a heart change, because God can use you mightily.

So, God brings someone across your path… Now what?

Share your testimony and be encouraging. No one can refute an experience, and many are intrigued by it. You are giving another person hope.

Be prepared for the objections/questions. They will come, and don’t be discouraged if they aren’t ready just yet. You’ve planted a seed, and God may bring someone else to water it. Respect where they are right now- don’t force the issue.

What if you still feel unprepared? What if you can’t answer their questions?

Toni Troxell discusses the common reasons as to why people put off coming to Christ. She tackles all the excuses and walls that people put up when dealing with faith- despite the fact that many of them know deep down that God is calling them into a relationship with them. Some feel that they aren’t ready, while others may have had a bad experience.

Yet if you are friendly, respectful, and patient, you will be able to help others overcome whatever is holding them back. If you can’t at this time, then pray over them. Watch God work in their lives.

Toni’s feature and more can be found in our July issue coming out on June 26, 2019!

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