Do You Feel The Warmth Of Being Loved… Always?

Too Many Of Us Don’t- Especially At Times When We Need It Most

Feeling loved is easy when things are going well. However, it’s during those times that we are in danger because it can be a time when we aren’t fully relying on God- if we aren’t mindful.

But what about when we DO need God, or are at a low point in our lives? Do we feel loved then? Furthermore, are we searching for love in others, from others, or are seeking out the one true God?

Is Your Search For Love Misguided?

Bouquet of flowers with a love card

Seeking out the comfort from others is a natural thing. Believers should never go through things alone when others can often provide insight into our situation, and God can use these people to speak directly to us.

But if your faith is in hearing from others, or hearing God through others, you may experience disappointment. God can speak through others, but He desires a close intimate relationship with you. If you aren’t speaking to Him directly, praying in earnest to Him, or spending time in scripture, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

What If I Feel Like No One Loves Me- I’m All Alone- Or I’ve Faced So Much Rejection

Abandonment issues can be difficult to shake. There are many out there who feel “unlovable” due to past sins or experiences.

It may be that they were abused, divorced, suffered neglect at the hands of their parents, told that they weren’t worthy… and the list goes on. Years of words have cut emotional scars into the fabric of their being- so much so that their heart has become hard.

No one can come in and hurt them, but no one can come in and heal them either.

What do you do when you want to be loved but fear the very thing that you are searching for… that you need so desperately?

I Feel Loved. My Spouse Loves Me, I Have A Great Family, And I Feel Secure.

Great! But have you ever felt the love of Christ? We all have areas in our lives that need healing, and we can be surrounded by the best people, but only God can heal us.

You may be harbouring unforgiveness or offence. How do you overcome that when the offence burns so deeply within you that you can’t let it go. You may feel love from others, but can you feel God’s presence? Do you feel God’s love, or do you feel emptiness in this area?

You may not feel empty, but unfulfilled- like something is missing. That someone is God. You can feel loved by others, but only wholeness and joy come from the Lord.

In our May issue, we focus on presenting what the love of Christ looks like, and why it is so essential to our very being. We discuss attachment issues, healing from abandonment or neglect, and overcoming feelings of rejection.

We will show you how to love those who deeply offend you and how to let it go. We delve into showing love to those who persecute you and walk you through what seems like the impossible journey. We talk about why loving others no matter what is so significant and how this love can make a deep impact into another person’s life.

We show you how to love, be loved, and give love. We will also tell you why this is the greatest commandment because it’s the hardest commandment at the core.

Our next issue comes out on April 26, 2019. Don’t want to miss it? Please sign up for our FREE subscription and receive it directly in your inbox!

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