What Happened? How Does A Hardened Heart Heal?

How Does It Get That Way In The First Place?

What would cause someone to turn from God? What causes a heart to harden? Why do some people just stop feeling? After you’ve tasted His goodness, experienced His miracles, and felt His presence, why on earth would you want to push God out of your life? You cannot deny His existence- it isn’t like you haven’t experienced it first-hand- but we find many leaving their faith behind, and we often wonder what happened.


What Causes Someone to Turn From God? What Causes Them To Harden Their Heart?

  • Sudden or Unexplained Death of Someone Close. Death can be a difficult one to reconcile for some people. We wonder why our loved ones suffer, why healing didn’t take place, or why they were taken too young. We blame God for not protecting those we care about when they die in accidents, and in our inability to make sense of it all, some people turn from God.
  • Extreme Hardship. This is difficult to go through, and even more challenging when it appears to contradict God’s Word. We often become impatient while waiting for our miracle feeling as if it will never manifest in our lives. Hit over and over again, it can feel as if there is no God (because if there were, why would He let this happen?) or that His Word is not true (because He would save us).
  • Anger. It can be that God didn’t answer a prayer, or a need. Maybe He did do a miracle, but it wasn’t in an expected time period. It can be the end of a relationship, a marriage, or employment. We can blame God for our circumstances and find ourselves far from Him.

These are just a few reasons as to why people suddenly turn from God.

And Then There Is The Backsliden…

Backsliding isn’t always about consciously turning from God, but more of a gradual distancing. You see backsliding more when sin is involved, and the refusal to deal with it causes our relationship with God to be strained.

Backsliding can occur when we surround ourselves with the wrong influences, or fall into temptation. The only way we are suddenly aware that we are far from God is when we don’t feel His presence anymore, or we can’t hear His voice. Then we wonder how we got to this place to begin with.

Walter Kahler discusses in depth the reasons why people harden their hearts towards God, and the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to backsliding in our faith. He discusses how even God can mend the hardened heart, and how a hardened heart is more of a defence mechanism for most people.

This article will discuss how God can heal our wounds, bring us into wholeness, and how to lead someone back into a relationship with Christ.

This feature and more in our next issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine coming out on June 26, 2019!

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