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God’s Secret “Intel”: Reasoning Behind The Motive

What Is God’s Secret Intel?

Discernment isn’t always about the ability to distinguish the supernatural from the natural. It also means to have the ability to distinguish, discern, judge or appraise a person, statement, situation, or environment. In short, it is about supernaturally knowing the motive behind something, in addition to the knowledge of whether what is speaking is the person, or a demon. It’s like God’s secret intel.

secret intel

How Do You Use It?

It’s used, in this case, mostly to help us make wise decisions. It is the knowledge and insight into the environment that we are surrounded in. It tells us what to do in any given situation, and allows us to analyze circumstances as well.

For example, you are in a business meeting, and the other party has expressed an interest in partnering with you. Discernment would aid you in knowing whether it was a good idea or not. Additionally, it may reveal the motives behind the individual’s wanting to partner with you; Are their motives pure? Is there an “ulterior motive” behind the request? Will this end badly? Do they manage their own company finances well? etc.

There ultimately is really only one being who knows the answer to the many questions that are running through our heads when we are making a decision such as this. In discernment, God gives us important insight into both the individual, and the situation that we probably do not know.

Additionally, discernment is that “unction” deep inside of your soul that tells you whether you should do something or not. It is the Holy Spirit speaking to us as to whether we are about to make a wise decision, or a mistake. The unction itself is the Holy Spirit warning us. If we ask, God may reveal to us the why.

However, the most important link in all of this is to ask why we are feeling uneasy, and to invite God into the situation.

Why Is This “Secret Intel” So Important?

I am glad you asked! Margaret Armanious goes into great depth teaching you what this type of discernment looks like in operation, and how to use it. She answers the why it is so important in our major and even minor decisions, and what happens when we ignore or “excuse away” what the Holy Spirit may be trying to tell us.

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Discernment, aside from the spiritual aspect of it, also means to be able to distinguish, discern, judge or appraise a person, statement, situation, or environment. Why would God give us this ability? Why is it important? ( Margaret Armanious)

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