How Do Parents Protect Their Children From The Occult?

As Christian parents, we try to raise our kids to honour the Lord, and follow the Bible.  Scripture is very specific regarding occult activity– which, if you think about it, is a perversion of God’s design for the gifts of the spirit.  Then again, what else does Satan do but pervert God’s design?

occultWhile many Christians dismiss the occult as being “just for fun”, or “there is no harm in it”, are really opening up their family to a Satanic attack.  While these activities such as ouija boards, tarot cards, fortune telling, magic 8 ball, etc appear to be harmless fun to a kid, what makes you so sure that there isn’t something attached to the medium that you are using?  For example, to say that mediums are “phony” is a lie.  While many may be engaging in it for entertainment purposes, there are those who are convinced that they can speak to the dead.  The danger is that yes, they are indeed speaking to someone, but guaranteed it is not your dead Aunt Sally.  What they are speaking to is a familiar spirit who knows enough about you to convince you that you are speaking to her.  Satan can see and hear everything that we do and say.  Only God can hear our thoughts.  Satan can mimic life’s events and recollect them to convince you of a falsehood.  Therefore, this familiar spirit masking as your Aunt, is really one of Satan’s minions.

But Why Would Satan Do This?

To get a foothold into your life.  To tell you lies.  To oppress you.  Engaging in occult activities opens the door to demonic activities.  Often, after they are engaged in, people begin to notice an uncomfortable feeling around their home, anxiety where previously there was none, some see into the demonic (as many make their presence known), some are tormented by the demonic, and some have nightmares.

Children are very impressionable, and parents, you do not want occult activity going on in your home!  Occult activity can manifest through a child as imaginary friends (talking to a demon), sudden changes in behaviour, lack of peace in the house, disruption, strife, and disrespect.

John Lysaught discusses how parents can tell if their children are engaged in occult activities, and what to look for in terms of behaviour.  He also instructs parents on how to talk to their children if they believe this is the case.

This topic and many more in our next issue coming out on September 26, 2018!


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