What Would A Life Free Of Anger Look Like?

Anger, Frustration, Offence, Impatience, And Even Rage  Seem To Be Permeating Our Society…

angerAnd our homes.  In a world that honours immediate gratification under the guise of good “customer service” (whether the end product is good or not), we have become very impatient at the mere idea of having to wait.  Our schedules are so packed with long to-do lists from both work and home- not to mention our children’s activities- that we don’t have time for ourselves.  We are backed up, overworked, tired, and spend our days running from one thing to the other but rarely have time for the things that really matter in life.

This is why you need to read this issue… Because the daily routine doesn’t work, and as a result, it leads to all of the emotions mentioned above.  These emotions effect how we deal with others, and more importantly, our family.

Learn how to deal with an angry spouse, how to overcome rage, and how to deal with gossipers, people who lie, spread rumours, and persecute you… deliberately!

Interviews include Jameliah Young-Mitchell (Author, Pastor, “The Death of the Angry Black Woman”, Lindsey Dennis (Author, “Buried Dreams”), and our Music Spotlight, Mark Schultz.

Be prepared to live a life of peace with our December issue.  December Issue can be read by clicking here.

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