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North Korea And South Korea May Be Finally Ending The War

It was a picture that most people thought that they would never see: North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un walking alongside of South Korean President, Moon Jae-in.

Kim Jong Un crossed the world’s most heavily armed border making him the first leader from North Korea to do this since the Korean War.  Kim Jong Un was greeted warmly by the South Korean President.

North KoreaYet even though, technically, both North Korea and South Korea are still at war, the leaders showed fondness for one another, and smiled like friends.

After the summit was over, President Donald Trump tweeted about this historic meeting, quoting that “Good things are happening, but only time will tell!”

For Moon Jae-in, the summit was a great political achievement as it was his desire to improve relations with North Korea.  This goal appeared to be unattainable just a few months ago with the North engaging in aggressive weapons testing.  Moon’s greatest challenge was to get Kim to be specific about his willingness to reduce the nuclear arsenal.

Presently, President Trump is optimistic about Kim Jong Un.

According to CBN News, President Trump says, “He’s really been very open and I think very honorable from everything that we’re seeing.  We have been told directly that they would like to have the meeting as soon as possible and we think that’s a great thing for the world.”

Kim, on the other hand, is hoping to use his nuclear power and legitimacy that occurs with having a meeting with the President, to create a peace treaty with South Korea thereby ending the war.  He hopes that the US groups stationed there will be pushed back.  Yet it appears, at least for now, the United States will not leave South Korea.

Over time, Kim views a unified Korea, that is responsible to neither the United States or China.

Not everyone is optimistic, though.  Some feel Kim is being deceitful by using disarmament to prolong enough time to get through US sanctions in order to perfect their nuclear weapons without giving up international aid.

In this case, we will only know the outcome- whether it is peace for both North Korea and South Korea or something entirely different- in time.




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