Have Past Experiences “Jaded” Your Perspective?

Learn To Let Go Of The Offence, And The Offending Party!

Forgiveness is a simple topic for most, but is often a difficult thing to put into practice.  Forgiveness isn’t just the words, “I forgive you”, but must be genuine.  Oftentimes, we think that we have forgiven someone only to find out that we, in reality, have not.  True forgiveness comes when we are able to let go of all negative feelings associated with the offence, and forgive someone out of love.  If you are still holding on to something, having trouble letting go of words spoken/specific incident, or are still harbouring ill feelings towards someone, then you haven’t truly forgiven.

“For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” Matthew 6: 12-15

When we fail to forgive others, God is unable to forgive your sins.  Anger or offence aimed at another person, if not dealt with, begins to take root in our hearts, hardening them, until bitterness takes root.  We hold the offence against someone else, and refuse to let go.  We often think that we are punishing the offending party, but in reality, we are punishing ourselves.  The reality is that the other person, unless you tell them, has no idea why you are even upset with them, or what they have done.  They haven’t had the opportunity to apologize- and you haven’t allowed them to make amends.  Additionally, you are holding yourself in bondage.

Being “jaded” by people or experiences can create a stronghold in your life that is hard to get out of.  You tend to see things not as they are, but through a certain filter.  Everything gets painted with the same brush, and people often fail to see any change in an individual.  When we are jaded, we fail to see things and people as they truly are.  We end up missing out on what God wants to show us with our unforgiving heart!

Margo McKenzie discusses how to move on and let go when things have jaded our perceptions.  Things may not be as they truly are, and we need to relinquish the past in order to appreciate the present.  She will also discuss how to move on to forgiveness, and how to soften a heart that has been hardened.

Additionally, if you know of someone’s heart that has been hardened towards you, Margo will teach you how to pray over that situation, and hopefully the relationship will be restored.

Margo’s powerful message and more can be found in our upcoming issue of Faith Filled Family!  Our next issue comes out on October 26th!

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