Prayer Prom Photo Sparks Controversy On Facebook But Should It Have?

A picture posted on Facebook by a California journalist has sparked much controversy in social media, as of late.  The photo was of a group of high schoolers who are about to go to the prom offering up prayer before a meal.  Credit was received by the journalist from the mother who wanted a positive image shared of teens to aid in counteracting the negative headlines surrounding youth.  The journalist wrote, according to Christian News, “(This scene) says a lot about young people these days.  It’s REALLY nice to see.”

prayerA woman from Somerville who is identified as “Noelle Smith” sent in a picture of  her daughter and friends on prom night to Frank Somerville at KTVU.  According to Fox News, she wrote, “I want to share a picture of my daughter and her friends from prom night.  Now with the stories today about teenagers and tide pods and condoms gathering headlines — this picture speaks for itself.”

What began as a positive depiction did originally receive some positive remarks… and many people are commenting at both the rarity, and the hope that it brings.  However, things quickly escalated with the highly negative and judgmental comments being posted by Facebook users.  Many comments attacked the implied Christianity of the kids stating that you don’t have to be Christian to bless a meal- that some people just do it out of habit.  They commented that the fact that they prayed meant nothing.  Some took offence that you don’t have to be a Christian to be “good”.  Others spoke up about their views that Christians are arrogant and pushy.  Yet others took things a step further commenting that gay marriages, interracial families, and equal rights would be looked down upon by this group of high schoolers…  All from a simple picture of a group of kids blessing their food!  For further comments, please reference the article at Fox News.

What is your opinion?  It seems unfortunate that something that should be seen as nice- whether you are Christian or not- is taken in such an extreme direction.  A group of kids in prayer should be heart-warming.  Even if it’s just a little bit.  Even stranger is how off-topic and speculative the discussion became.  The irony?  The world’s “mantra” is basically you do your thing, and I’ll do mine- don’t judge me.  Yet, what are they doing to this group of kids who simply just prayed before a meal? If we want everyone to be able to have a voice, to be inclusive, and tolerant, shouldn’t we exercise that same principle overall?  Or is it just for an elite few?

Maybe the old adage is true: a picture can truly be worth one thousand words.  Unfortunately for this one, many of them were negative.



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