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RNC Passes Law Forcing Informed Parental Consent Regarding Sex Ed

Recently, the  RNC Republican National Committee unanimously passed a resolution demanding state lawmakers do more to protect kids from controversial sex education curriculum, and provide parents more of a say in what their children are being taught.

The vote itself occurred during their summer meeting last weekend.

The Family Research Centre reported Cynthia Dunbar, who is Virginia’s national committeewoman, felt that decisions on this subject should be put in the hands of parents over their children.

“Parents everywhere deserve the right to know what their children are being taught and afforded an opportunity to consent to it,” she said.

RNC Republican National CommitteeUnder the new law set forward by the RNC Republican National Committee, energy will be focused into provision for parental rights that would force schools to receive written parental permission before teaching their child any sex education curriculum.  The Family Research Centre comments that many parents are upset about the existing curriculum which “glamorizes dangerous sex acts, gender confusion, and the LGBT agenda”.

Last month, parents in Emmaus, Pennsylvania voiced their concerns before East Penn School Board regarding videos shown to their children.  The videos were shown to all students- without parental consent- for four days.  The school not informing the parents of the subject matter violates Pennsylvania School Code section 4.4.  The series of videos was part of a student initiative (Gay Straight Alliance) leading up to the National Day of Silence, and was meant to be an anti-bullying campaign.  The National Day of Silence, however, promotes LGBT rights.

Mike Huff, one of the parents, called the videos, “purposeful, planned, indoctrination videos” that went against his son’s heterosexual orientation.”

“I do not support a publicly funded school pushing any political or social views on children,” Huff said. “Not your political and social views. Not my political and social views. None.”

Many parents felt that it was a violation by the school of their religious freedoms.

“Activist Mommy”, Elizabeth Johnston who organized the Sex Ed Sit Out in April, told CBN News, “We have a letter that they can send to their principal explaining why because we are protesting graphic, gender-bending sex education in the schools.”

“It’s been brought to the attention of some of us mothers that parents are grieved and increasingly troubled about the graphic nature of sex education,” she continued. “Even as young as elementary school students are being subjected to this. We send our kids to school to learn reading and writing and science and history, not how to question whether they really are a boy or a girl and certainly not how to have anal and oral sex.”

Many parents applaud the efforts of the RNC Republican National Committee their stance on this issue, and for placing decisions regarding their children’s education back into their hands.  All many of the parents are hoping for is to have their religious freedoms accepted… just like everyone else.

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