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What You Do When Squeezed Determines Your Outcome

Holding On Is Hard… And I’m Hardly Holding On!

Yes, stress is never an easy thing to manage. We’ve all experienced extreme stress at one point or another, yet it’s how we manage those times that will determine what happens next in our lives.

Often when we are squeezed in life, it reveals our true character- what’s really in our heart. This comes out in times of extreme stress. It indicates what we are really believing.

So what’s coming out of you?

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Will you hold On to God When Squeezed or drift away to satan?

No one said that life was easy. Although many new believers are sometimes under this false impression. Some enter into the faith hearing the victory message and take it to mean that no opposition will be able to touch them. All they have to do is believe, and use scriptures.

But life isn’t as simple as that.

Life isn’t as simple as a name it and claim it would at first glance make it appear to be. It works at first, and that’s to build up your faith. But challenges will come at you, and God will test both your patience, and how well you persevere. Your character will be refined as a result of being squeezed beyond what you think you can endure.

You won’t be broken, although it may feel like you are. God will never take you there, but we all face seasons of being in the valley and long secretly to be on the mountain top.

No one likes to suffer, yet it happens. We may not know the reason for it even though we long for things to make sense. We need to be okay with this if we hope to move on.

And even when what we are going through doesn’t appear to line up with God’s promises, we still need to hold on because without God, there is no hope.

Chris Benton discusses how easy it is to lose our faith under extreme stress, but will also mention what it takes to succeed. He will go through what to do in times when you feel like God is not there, and how to remain positive when everything around you is crumbling down.

Moreover, Chris will teach you how to praise God from the depths of your heart without it being phoney, and how to maintain your joy.

Learn how to walk through that valley in peace, and serenity armed with the knowledge that God is truly by your side.

Our next issue is released on July 26, 2019!

Be Blessed, Always!

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