When Supernatural Battle Lines Are Drawn…

Do You Know What You Are Fighting Against?

“Stuff” is flying at you with dizzying speed… First, it’s the argument with your spouse in which the two of you STILL aren’t talking… and no one wants to “give in”. Then, it’s a health issue with your parent that you have to deal with. Just when you think that you’ve had enough… your boss reams you out for something that you didn’t do. Are your problems just life, or is a war raging supernaturally?

“What’s going on?” You ask yourself in bewilderment. “It feels like things are coming at me from all sides relentlessly. There is no relief- it’s just one thing after another….”

Ever have days, weeks, months like that? I have.


What’s Going On? Is It Me, Or Something In The Supernatural?

That’s the question that we all ask- what is going on? Is it something I did? Is it Satan attacking me? Is it just life? But I’m getting weary from the fighting. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. When is it going to end? More importantly, is it going to end?

It will end- in one way or another- as all seasons in life do. Yet it’s a whole lot easier when you are able to discern what is going on, or are around someone with this gifting in operation. This gifting will tell you if it’s you, or a supernatural force in operation.

We might not know why we are sick, irritable, or experiencing some sort of challenge. It may be self-induced, but it can be spiritual as well. This is when discernment comes in handy- because it can set someone free if it is a demonic attack by hitting them where they live- in the supernatural.

As referenced in one of our earlier issues, if a demon can’t possess you (because you are saved), and if they can’t oppress you (keep you contained), then their last mode of defence can be that they will harass you. Harassment comes from a nattering in your ear to harassing you with situations to keep you off balance.

An old saying goes, “If the Devil can’t get you, he can get you busy.” This means that if he can’t rock your faith, he can harass you by having to put out fires in your life or it can be distractions as well. All of these take you away from God, and you loose your focus.

Toni Troxell will discuss a spirit of discernment in operation and what it looks like. She will also talk about how it guides us through in spiritual warfare when we know what we are battling against- the spirit of darkness.

Once we are able to identify what is in operation, we are able to chart a true course of action against it, and ultimately secure our victory.

This feature and more in our upcoming issue on the Past, Present and Future- Dealing with Prophecy and Discernment coming out on May 27, 2019.

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