Do You Want To Know What God Has Planned For Your Future?

Whether you are a believer or not, hidden in our very core is the desire for our lives to have meaning.  As children, we have a profound desire to make a difference in the world.  As we progress into our teens, we not only want to make a difference, but we plan to change the world– make it a better place.  When we mature into adulthood, for some of us, we attain our goals and the future looks bright.  For others, we exit school and look for a job that we will enjoy.  Most of us envision scaling the corporate ladder.  Some of us succeed, and some of us are still searching for what God’s plan for our lives are.

planIt’s not just employment, though.  It’s bigger than that.  We want to have an impact on those around us, to our families, and to our kids.  Usually at middle age, we look back and begin to analyze our lives.  Did we do what we set out to do?  What is our legacy with our kids, in the community, at church, or at work?  What does that look like?  What does our future look like, and was it what we expected?  For some, we feel like we’ve fallen short.  Others come to accept things as they are, and blame circumstances.  Then there are those who want their life to be different, but don’t know where to begin.

The biggest lie that we can believe is that we are too old, too uneducated, too _____ for things to change.  God’s plan and purpose for your life does not have an expiration date.  Also, you are never too _____ for God to perform a miracle, or for His plans not to manifest.  God can divinely accelerate you into your destiny- and it will be far glorious than you could imagine!  It’s never too late for God’s plan to manifest.  Our only limit in this situation is ourselves.

Our November issue discusses not only God’s plan and purpose for your life, but also things that hinder us from walking in the fullness of it.  We tackle issues of pride (how do you know if you are being prideful or boasting on God?), selfish ambition, and competition in the workforce.  We discuss God’s promises regarding prosperity, and that they are not just confined to wealth.  We also talk about how to know when to move on in any situation, and when God is leading you down a different path.  We also incorporate how to teach your children to have godly characteristics, to walk with integrity, and how to have a strong work ethic pleasing to the Lord.

Our November issue will be released on October 26th marking our eight year anniversary of Faith Filled Family Magazine!  Our issues can be read through our website, across social media, and via our free mail subscription.

Learn the plans that the Lord has for you!  It’s a time of new beginnings!

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