Worship God Wholly- Even When You Aren't "Feeling It"

Scripture tells us to worship God with our whole mind, body and soul.  This is easy when we are thankful, or feeling elated, but what about when you are having a day, week, month wherein you just aren’t “feeling it”?

worshipIt is at that “feeling it” moment that people either break off their relationship with God, or drift further away.  The scripture didn’t tell us that we should worship God when we were in a positive mood.  It says to worship Him wholly- with all of you, no holding back.  The most beautiful times in worship come out of surrendering to God– and that comes from giving God your cares (not holding on to worries).  It is letting go and placing concerns in God’s hands knowing that He’s “got this”, and surrendering completely to Him.  It is letting God take control, and through it, worshipping Him.  It is being thankful that He is a good God, and can do miracles.  He’s not asking you to “fake worship”, but to find something that we are thankful for.  When we do this, it turns our attitude around into one of positivity, and thereby activating our faith which prepares us for the supernatural.

Shauna Gallagher discusses how to worship God when we just don’t feel like it, or when we are downtrodden.  She also incorporates a discussion on how to pray in faith through unbelief, or a lack of faith.  She also talks about what to do if you find that your faith is wavering, and how to obtain that miracle that you have been searching for.

Even faith as big as a mustard seed can still end up moving a mountain!  Learn how to overcome any obstacle and enter into your victory in our next issue coming out on June 26, 2018!

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